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Barcelona Terminal

TEPSA began its activities in 1964 at the Barcelona terminal on the old Inner Breakwater Quay in the Port of Barcelona with 7,200m³ for chemical products. In 1973 it transferred its activities to the current site on the Inflammables Quay, with a capacity of 11,500m³ for chemical products. It implemented an expansion of the terminal in 1996 and began activities in the storage of petroleum products with 34,160m³.
The various expansions carried out to date have brought total capacity to a total of 353,476m³.

Products: Petroleum products, chemicals and biofuels
Special Services:
Loading and unloading of tank lorries
Drum filling line
Storage of drummed products
On-line dilution of phosphoric acid
On-line denaturing of alcohol


Total capacity 353,476m³
Number of tanks 244 (separate line and pump for each tank)
Capacity of tanks  
From 50 to 305m³ 93 tanks
From 340 to 600m³ 63 tanks
From 630 to 1,008m³ 37 tanks
From 1,130 to 2,120m³ 22 tanks
From 2,540 to 6,080m³ 11 tanks
From 6,500 to 18,000m³ 18 tanks

Barcelona TEPSA Terminal
Avenida Muelle de la Energía, 4
08039 Barcelona
Tel: + 34 93 289 55 40
Fax: + 34 93 223 45 79
GPS coordinates UTM: 31T 429039m E 4576091m N


Holidays calendar of Barcelona terminal

Number of berths 5
Maximum draught

32A berth: 11.55m.
32C berth: 11.45m.
32D berth: 11.70m.
32E berth: 11.70m.
34B berth: 15.90m.

Maximum length

32A berth: 200m.
32C berth: 175m.
32D berth: 175m.
32E berth: 175m.
34B berth: 275m.

Beam No restriction, excep in 34B berth: 50m.
Deadweight Restriction according to movement (32A, 32C, 32D and 32E berth maximum deadweight: 55,000 Tn.). In 34B beth max. 175,000Tn.
Loading arms 6
Lines 45
Access By sea, railway, road and pipeline