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Health and Safety at Work

Our aim is to guarantee the health and safety of our staff and the external personnel that work at our facilities.

Our policy is based on prevention and the attainment of objectives designed to improve health and safety conditions. Our goal, zero accidents, is reachable, and the proof lies in our record of 10 years without accidents in one of our terminals.

At TEPSA training in health and safety at work is continuous, both for operational aspects and emergency situations.

TEPSA forms part of the Regional Commission for Safety in the Chemical Industry (COASHIQ). In its periodic meetings and assemblies, TEPSA participates in discussions on the application of new legislative proposals, on accidents that have occurred in the chemical industry and on new technological applications.

In accordance with the Regulation on the Transport of Dangerous Goods, TEPSA has 6 Safety Advisors who meet periodically in order to adapt operations to changes in the regulations and to revise the training of employees and the drivers who operate in our facilities.

Protection of the Environment

A concern for our surroundings and the environment is implicit in each and every activity we perform.

Compliance with environmental legislation is only the first stage of our commitment. Every year objectives and goals are established with the aim of reducing the consumption of energy and other products, the minimisation of waste and the improvement of liquid effluent and atmospheric emissions.