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Current projects


The Second Phase of the Valencia Terminal Expansion Begins Operation

On 1 November of last year, the second phase of the Valencia terminal expansion for petroleum products began.

The new tank area has a surface area of 10,512m² and a nominal capacity of 61,720m³; it includes nine tanks:

  • Two tanks each with capacity of 17,693m³  
  • Three tanks each with capacity of 7,620m³  
  • One tank with capacity of 2,787m³
  • Three tanks each with capacity of  229m³  
The new loading zone includes four loading medians for petroleum products and one mixed loading/unloading median for diesel oil and Fame.
The company has invested approximately 17 million Euros in the expansion of the Valencia terminal, tripling its capacity, which is now an impressive 161,000m³.

With the completion of the expansion project, TEPSA Valencia will become one of the most important logistical hubs in the Mediterranean zone currently in operation.


New 34-B Dock in Port of Barcelona Begins Operation

In August 2011 a new dock, designated “34-B,” began operation for the handling of bulk liquids. The dock includes a draft of more than 15 metres, which permits the docking of ships with up to 175,000 tons of dead weight. This makes 34-B one of the largest public quays for liquid bulk in the Mediterranean operating today.  

 The “Cape Tallin” was the first ship to take advantage of the new dock, unloading more than 60,000 tons of diesel oil; since this inaugural unloading many more ships have followed suit. 
This project involved an investment of approximately 12 million Euros, 7 million of which came from the APB (Barcelona Port Authority), and another 4.8 of this fronted by JETTY SUR, an economic interest group that includes TEPSA as well as other companies from the “Muelle de la Energía” (Energy Dock), which is the entity responsible for the dock’s management.
The new dock is part of an effort to attract new markets and thereby strengthen the Mediterranean zone.


Barcelona Terminal: Barcelona Terminal reorganization

Since last year, TEPSA is improving the Barcelona terminal reorganization.

At the end of October 2010 four new weighbridges entered service. These will form the new departure point for all tanker vehicles entering the terminal.

Work on the four entrance weighbridges began early in 2011. Together these facilities will improve access control to the terminal area.


The project includes adapting the buildings in the terminal to their new use, creating a heavy vehicle parking zone, a new unified dispatch office and a new configuration module for drivers.

All these actions are a prior step to the refurbishment of the loading areas which is due to begin at the end of this year and which will bring a considerable improvement to our facilities.