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TEPSA wins an ATLANTE 2012 Award


TEPSA has been awarded an award for the best consciousness-raising, information and/or training initiative in the field of workplace hazard prevention at the ATLNATE Awards, which are now celebrating their sixth year.

The ATLANTE awards were created by Foment de Treball, a Catalan employers´ association, in 2002, and are awarded every two years. The awards aim to promote, encourage and stimulate the efforts of companies in Catalonia to effectively implement workplace hazard prevention.

This year is the sixth year these awards, which are highly regarded by the Catalan business sector, have been held. Companies can be nominated for 3 award categories, and there has been a change to the award format as for the first time each award category has been divided into 2 subcategories: small and medium companies (up to 249 workers) and large companies (over 250 workers). The three award categories are:

  • Incorporation of hazard prevention measures in the workplace. This award recognises the actions taken by a company to include hazard prevention measures in their overall management system (preventive procedures, work instructions, coordination between companies, integration of management systems etc.) in order to ensure that prevention forms an essential and ongoing  part of the organisation and running of the company.
  • Application of preventive measures. This award recognises people or companies that have implemented practical preventive measures whose objective is to improve health and safety conditions.
  • Consciousness-raising, information and/or training initiatives. This award pays tribute to companies which have contributed to the creation, promotion and dissemination of a culture of hazard prevention in the workplace through the development of campaigns, programmes and new products.

There are also two special awards:

  • Professional career. This award recognises the merits and contribution of individuals, companies, entities, and institutions and other bodies that undertake research and promotion in the area of workplace hazard prevention.
  • Special Jury Award. This award is awarded at the initiative of the jury, and recognises people, companies or institutions that have distinguished themselves in the field of the prevention of workplace hazards and who have not been nominated in the other categories.

The award-giving ceremony for the sixth year of the ATLANTE Awards was held on 22 November, 2012, in the Assembly Hall of Foment de Treball Nacional. This year there were a large number of finalists of a very high standard.

At the ceremony TEPSa was awarded the award for the best consciousness-raising, information and/or training initiative in the area of prevention of workplace hazards, in the SME subcategory. TEPSA won this award for its “Driver Training Programme” through which tanker lorry drivers are taught about the hazards present in terminals and the applicable preventive measures. The drivers are issued a training certificate which shows they have acquired the requisite knowledge.

The Jury, and also the Technical Committee, particularly appreciated the ease with which the initiative can be transferred and adapted to any company which has problems with the entry and exit of vehicles due to heavy traffic.

This year the jury was made up of the Secretary of Enterprise and Labour of the Regional Government of Catalonia, the Secretary-General of Treball Nacional, the Managing Director of the Foundation for the Prevention of Workplace Hazards, the Chairman of Fepime Catalunya, the Director of Labour Relations and Quality at Work of the Department of Enterprise and Labour, the Director-General of the Labour Inspectorate of Catalonia and the Director of the National Centre on Working Conditions –INSHT (The National Institute of Safety and Hygiene at Work).

The winners of this year´s ATLANTE Awards were:

Application of preventive measures:
Large company: Mutua Universal
SME: Klüber Lubrication GMBH Ibérica

Consciousness-raising, information and/or training initiatives:
Large company: Asociación Nuclear Ascó-Vandellós II

Incorporation of hazard prevention measures in the workplace:
Large company: Institut Català de la Salut
SME: Cisternas del Vallès

Special awards:
Professional career: Albert Mayolas i Grau and Josep de Calassanç Peradejordi
Special Jury Award: Grup de Treball Línea 9 del Metro de Barcelona