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Royal Decree-Law 4/2013

Royal Decree-Law 4/2013, of 22 February, on measures to support entrepreneurs, stimulate growth and create employment, implements a range of measures aimed at increasing competition in the Spanish economy.

The new legislation approves a series of measures designed to increase effective competition in the oil and gas sector, by amending Law 34/1998, of October 7, 1998, that regulates the Hydrocarbon Sector. It also reinforces the obligations of owners of logistics and storage facilities that are required to provide third-party access under transparent, objective, and non-discriminatory conditions.

In this regard, and in compliance with Article 41.1.a) of the Law 34/1998, 1998, that regulates the Hydrocarbon Sector, owners of fixed facilities for storing and transporting oil products are obliged to inform the National Energy Commission (NEC) of requests for access to their facilities. The Commission is obligated to maintain the confidential nature of the information provided.

Requests for access should be made using the form published by the National Energy Commission, which can be accessed at a link which we will publish shortly.Therefore, in compliance with the new measures and the provisions of Article 41.1.c) of Law 34/1998, the storage space availability at our terminals is given below in a traffic-light colour coding system: 



 Last updated on: 04/12/2017