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50 years of trust and experience

In 2014, TEPSA celebrates its 50th anniversary. Without a doubt, a very special anniversary as we are all aware of how difficult it is to maintain one’s self on the market for so long.

In 1964 TEPSA started its operations in Barcelona’s terminal with 7,200m³ of storage capacity for chemical products. Today, 50 years after, the Company is proud of its consolidated background that has allowed it to grow, reaching almost 900,000m³ of storage capacity spread out around four of the main Spanish ports: Barcelona, Bilbao, Tarragona and Valencia.

These first 50 years have been full of hard work, cooperation with customers and entities, promoting improved logistics for the bulk liquid industry. Our intention to continuously improve has led us to carry out several expansions in the terminals, to start new operational services and to be ground breakers in the storage of new products.

Barcelona’s terminal was the first independent terminal to store biodiesel, the first terminal to carry out on-board blending and the first terminal to carry out online alcohol denaturing. It carries out dilution services and has a drum filling line.

Bilbao’s terminal stands out for offering outsourcing services, for being connected to the Petronor oil refinery and for the recently opened railway lay-by, specialised in loading chemical products, that connects the Port of Bilbao with the Peninsula’s production plants, and will also reach France and other European countries in the future.

Tarragona is specialised in the storage of chemical products, and is connected to the main companies in the petrochemical park of Tarragona by means of the chemical industry’s pipeline network (Rack Dixquimics) and Valencia stands out for storing fuel for bunkering (supply services to ships).

Our growth, as well as our mission and values, go hand in hand with a philosophy based on Responsible Care, being a proactive company managing terminals in compliance with the highest Quality, Safety, Labour Health and Environmental standards. We were the first storage terminal company in Spain to obtain the UNE EN ISO 9002:1994 certification and Bilbao’s terminal was the first terminal in Spain and the third in Europe to be appraised by the CDI-T in 1998. Our management systems are currently in possession of the main certifications and acknowledgements, such as the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, EMAS III, OHSAS 18001, CDI-T and RED certifications, as well as Certified Quality References and Good Environmental Practice Guides for the ports in which we are present.

We could never have been what we are without the great human team that is and has always been part of TEPSA. Without a doubt, the Company has evolved thanks to great professionals that have committed themselves to new ideas and technologies, and have worked on offering an effective, efficient and high quality service.

We feel that we are part of our customers’ project, we appreciate them for their trust in our services, and we hope that our relationships continue for a long time.

All in all 50 years, 50 years that have given us strength and energy to continue growing and improving.