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TEPSA’s mission is to become the industry’s benchmark as a provider of bulk liquid reception, storage and forwarding services and contributes to improved management of customer resources.




Long term vision

We are a company that takes a long-term view. We help our sector to progress within its regulatory framework, in inter-company relations, and in policies that benefit all the agents operating within it. To this end, we favour corporate independence as a factor of objectivity necessary for the optimal development of the sector and our customers’ business.



We believe in our ability to adapt and our agility in offering solutions for the needs of our customers. We are service oriented and develop our processes so as to satisfy the demands of the sector to the greatest extent possible.


Innovation and creativity

We promote new ideas and initiative as a source of continual improvement and differentiation. We endeavour to anticipate future needs and to be pioneers in the continued renewal of the sector.



We are concerned with the environment and with maintaining a social conscience. We are attentive to the preservation of the environment in our activities and take special care for the safety of our staff and the persons who visit or work at our facilities. Our awareness of these issues enables us to treat people with consideration and fairness.



We are committed to a shared company vision, to which we contribute with our effort, dedication and abilities. The Company trusts in its staff and promotes their development and professional stability. This commitment carries over to the interaction with our customers, including them as participants in our vision as well.



We undertake our activities with honesty and transparency. We ensure confidentiality and the maximum rigour in the performance of our work because our credibility with our customers rests on trust.