TEPSA 40th Anniversary


TEPSA celebrates 40 years of dedication to the reception, storage and re-expedition of liquid products, from its beginnings in the chemical sector, in which it enjoys an excellent reputation, and since the early 90s also in the petroleum sector.

The Company has established itself as a strategic partner for the logistics of its customers, thanks to the independence of the company with respect to any industrial or commercial activity of the stored products. According to its General Director, Luis Sala, “the company does not want to be seen only as a service provider for the client, but as an indispensable collaborator to achieve success in their business.”

One of the greatest pride of TEPSA is to have magnificently designed and maintained facilities that, according to the President of the company, J.A. Nahmias “have always envied the entire industry, even outside the borders of this country.”

Spectacular growth

The growth of TEPSA has been spectacular throughout these four decades. Of the 7,200 cubic meters of its first terminal in Barcelona, ​​it now occupies just over 560,000 cubic meters of space among the four terminals it has at present, achieving a 75-fold increase in its initial capacity. Since its inception the company has chosen strategic enclaves to build its terminals, located in the ports of Barcelona since 1964, Valencia in 1966, Bilbao in 1968 and Tarragona in 1986, successively.

This evolution and continuous growth in all terminals has always been based on three axes, which are prevention (safety of people), training (better quality of service, efficiency, versatility and experience) and investment in facilities and protection of the environment and people. In the investment section, we should also highlight the application of new technologies, such as intelligent operating systems, automatic tank loading or creation of the communication portal with its customers “TEPSAONLINE”.

On the other hand, thanks to an agile and flexible human team, very receptive to the new demands of the clients, and having its own engineering department, TEPSA has been able to capture and develop new projects, and has also taken advantage of the opportunities that have been presented to you. In the words of Mr. J.A. Nahmias, “two of them helped TEPSA to grow significantly. One was the purchase of the DELNOR terminal in 1990, next to the old TEPSA terminal in Santurce and another one in 1994, the purchase of PROQUIMICA, adjacent to the current terminal in Barcelona. ”

TEPSA, in this way, while expanding its size, was able to initiate the development of its petroleum activity. In the handling and storage of hydrocarbons, the company has transferred the rigor of its processes with chemical products, taking special care of the segregation of the same for each client, an unusual service in the oil sector. In addition, as an attractive advantage for any oil operator, the company operates interconnections between terminals to the Spanish network of pipelines and direct connections with customer facilities, providing efficiency and ease of use of its services. Among other aspects TEPSA has been a pioneer in the handling of biodiesel in Spain, thanks to the flexibility of its facilities.

On the occasion of the celebration of the 40th anniversary, TEPSA wants to reiterate its commitment to customers, in the assurance of a service according to their needs; with all employees, with external personnel and with the port community, in the protection of Health and Safety at work and also with the society and environment in which it operates, for respect and protection of the Environment, always through continuous improvement of your service.



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