Expansion in 40,000 m³ of TEPSA in Bilbao


TERMINALES PORTUARIAS, S.L. (TEPSA) expanded its capacity in the terminal of Bilbao in 40,850 m³ throughout 2006, with the construction of 2 new tanks in the No. 9 tank, which will be destined to the storage of diesel. The penultimate extension of the terminal came into service in January 2004, when this tank was built, with 3 tanks of 18,095 m³ each.

At present, the terminal in Bilbao had a capacity of 208,630 m³ distributed in 62 tanks, of which it allocates more than 180,000 m³ to petroleum products. With the last extension, the final capacity of the terminal amounts to 249,480 m³.

Since 2004, it was connected to the national oil pipeline network. The configuration of this terminal is ideal for the operations of petroleum products. On the one hand the draft of its two berths (16 m) allows the operation of large tonnage vessels and on the other hand it is found in the petroleum products routes of the North Sea, of great movement.

TEPSA has signed an agreement and protocol with CLH so that its clients can send products to their network from the TEPSA terminal in Bilbao. In addition, the terminal is connected by pipeline to the PETRONOR refinery (REPSOL), receiving gasoil and gasoline independently.

Therefore, the terminal has many attractive logistics and synergies that affect economies of scale of the operators present and others interested in having capacity in this terminal.



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