Service quality certification granted to TEPSA by Spanish Ports


TEPSA Barcelona Terminal has successfully passed the evaluation audit on compliance with the Port of Barcelona’s Bulk Goods Terminal Service Quality Standards. The certification process was conducted by AENOR in accordance with Act 48/2003.

The “Ports Act” enables all companies operating on a concessionary basis at port areas to enjoy a discount on their area occupancy rates, provided that they can provide evidence of the quality of their services as per the characteristics specified in the Spanish Ports-approved Service Manual corresponding to their activities.

The Port of Barcelona’s Service Manual for Bulk Goods Terminals specified two types of quality characteristics: mandatory and optional. Companies observing all said quality characteristics are granted a 5% discount on their rates of occupancy at the certified Terminal.

TEPSA is committed at all times to ensuring continuous improvement of their services. Therefore, the company has decided to implement this reference of quality, have it certified, and ensure compliance by means of annual certificate renewal audits.
In addition, TEPSA is planning to implement said process at all their terminals to ensure continuous improvement of the company’s service quality excellence.



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