Start up of the new beth 34-B in the Port of Barcelona


The Port of Barcelona has a new berth called 34-B to manipulate bulk liquid products. The berth has a draught of more than 15 meters which allows to work with dead weight 175,000 ton. ships. Nowadays, this bert is one of the major ones in the Mediterranean area.

The first unloading has carried out by the ship called “Cape Tallin” with 60,000 ton. of fuel and after this operation the new berth starts other unloadings.

This construction has supposed approximately an investment of 12 million euros. The Barcelona Harbor Authority has invested  7 million euros and the other 4,8 million euros come from the interest economic group JETTY SUR  where TEPSA is an important participant among other companies located in the Energía Dock in the Port of Barcelona.

With this new construction TEPSA can offers to its clients the possibility of working with  great ships, improving its logistics in the Mediterranean area.



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