Ethics and commitment

The corporate values that TEPSA has developed throughout its history make up the performance base of all the company’s staff and are:

  • Commitment to work.
  • Integrity and transparency.
  • Fair treatment and equal opportunities.
  • Client confidence.
  • Respect for the environment.

The principles on which the business and personal behavior of all employees and collaborators is based are set out in its Code of Conduct and Corporate Integrity Policy, as well as in the Rubis Group’s Code of Ethics.

Ethics committee

At TEPSA we are committed to promoting, strengthening and controlling issues related to ethics and integrity, through measures that allow us to prevent, detect and eradicate bad practices.

TEPSA’s Ethics Committee encourages all employees, customers, suppliers and collaborators to be aware of the general principles of conduct, ethics and integrity.

The Committee has four permanent members:

  • Financial and HHRR Director
  • Health and Safety, Environment and Quality Director
  • Technology and Innovation Director
  • Customs Management and Special Taxes Chief

Employees Ethics

In order to ensure compliance with the basic principles, TEPSA has a procedure for reporting incidents and irregularities, through an external link. This guarantees confidential treatment, with the aim of bringing to light any behaviour contrary to TEPSA’s standards of conduct, without fear of reprisal.



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