TEPSA Bilbao resumes operations with Aframax ships


The TEPSA terminal in Bilbao has resumed operations with Alframax ships, with the MT Alpine Amalia. This is a result of the light contango situation that, since the start of the year, has been unfolding in the oil market, and which has increased fuel storage in Europe and oil tanker traffic.

In this scenario, on 4 September, the Alpine Amalia ship, coming from South Korea, docked in Punta Ceballos. The ship, which stayed in the TEPSA terminal until 8 September, was carrying 95,000 tonnes of diesel oil. The Alpine Amalia is a ship with a draft of 244x42x15 m. and a DWT of 105,300 t., with a movement in summer of 124,000t.

The Aframax is not the largest type of ship that has been in the south berth at Punta Ceballos, since de MT Skyros holds the record. In 2011, it docked with 116,337 tonnes of deadweight.

Also, and at the same time as the operations in the berths at Punta Ceballos, the MT Sten Aurora was loaded in the north position, with diesel oil for France.



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