Luis Sala speaks at TankBank 2015


At this year’s TankBank 2015, held in Tarragona on 2nd and 3rd of July, some 83 delegates were able to visit the TEPSA terminal at the city’s port. TEPSA rounded off its participation in the event with a speech delivered by its Managing Director, Luis Sala, as well as the sponsoring of a dinner buffet at the Pretori Tower, where the Mayor of Tarragona, Josep Félix Ballesteros, was among the guests. This event was preceded by a presentation of ChemMed, by its President, Jesús Loma-Ossorio.
During his speech, Sala pointed out that the Mediterranean area was a region with great business potential, thanks not only to its links with Southern and Northern Europe, but also to its location half-way between the Middle East and the United States, the two major centres of chemical production. In view of that, TEPSA’s managing director, whose talk was entitled “The Storage Landscape in Spain and the Mediterranean Effect”, stressed that the importance of Spanish ports could not be underestimated.
During his presentation, Sala highlighted the progress made by the Port of Tarragona, which, in terms of total tonnage handled by Spanish ports, has risen from fifth place in 2014 to fourth place in the first quarter of 2015, behind Bahía Algeciras, Valencia and Barcelona.
One of the key factors for the Mediterranean region, according to Sala, was the development of a hub in the zone, which would make Spain the first choice option. Given this, he said that new investments were needed from both the public and private sectors to help develop that busness network along the Mediterranean coast as well as to upgrade the transport infrastructure connecting Spain with Europe.
Also participating in TankBank 2015, organised by the Port of Tarragona, was the President of the Port Authority, Josep Andreu i Figueras, and its General Manager, Francesc Sánchez. TEPSA’s President, Jacques A. Nahmias, and various other directors also attended.




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