Nuria Blasco and Leandro Crespo on Tarragona Ràdio


The Tarragona Terminal Manager, Nuria Blasco, and the International Development Manager, Leandro Crespo, were invited to appear on Tarragona Ràdio’s “Q” programme on 8 June.
Blasco stressed the significance of TEPSA’s track record, commenting that “few companies manage to reach the 50-year milestone”, which is even more remarkable considering that it is not a multinational but rather a medium-sized company.
Leandro Crespo gave an informative and comprehensible explanation for the general public of TEPSA’s work, to which Nuria Blasco added that “logistic activities provide the link between producers and consumers”, overcoming the phisical or temporal distances between the two.
Blasco also mentioned that legislative changes have allowed TEPSA to apply for a 10-year extension to its concession in Tarragona port. “This reflects our commitment to the region and to the workers”, said the Terminal Manager, “because it means that we believe there are business opportunities and that the region’s chemical industry has a future, one that we are optimistic about”.
“Q” is the result of a partnership between the Tarragona Chemical Business Association (AEQT) and Tarragona Ràdio aimed at bringing visibility to the companies operating in Southern Europe’s largest chemical cluster.
Listen to the full interview by clicking on: “Q” Programme



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