Mutual assistance pact signed between TEPSA, ESERGUI and CLH (Port of Zierbena) for the operational interconnection of fire-prevention networks


On 30 May, a mutual assistance pact between the TEPSA, ESERGUI and CLH (Port of Zierbena) terminals was signed in respect of the operational interconnectedness of their fire-prevention networks. This agreement extends the mutual assistance pact already in place between TEPSA and ESERGUI, whose fire-prevention lines (DCI) were already interconnected.

Thanks to this agreement with CLH and by connecting the DCI network from its pumping station to the TEPSA terminal, any terminal will be able to receive an additional supply in an emergency situation by opening the valves.

The signing of the pact took place at the facilities in the TEPSA terminal in Bilbao and was attended by Rafael Grande (CLH Territory Manager), Jesús M. Bueno (ESERGUI Technical Director) and José Tarrío (TEPSA Terminal Director).



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