Arturo Ricarte takes part in the first 360º Industry Security Conference held in Barcelona on 29 and 30 March


Arturo Ricarte presented the talk on security Effects of being named critical operator on an industrial company, where he explained security management in a company with a unique port location and described the experience of several years as a company affected by the Seveso Directive.

Various topics on security industry were debated from a 360º perpective during this first conference organized by Seguritecnia magazine together with the magazines Red Seguridad and Formación de Seguridad Laboral, as well as the Industrial Cybersecurity Center (CCI). The extensive programme looked at issues regarding occupational and corporate safety, cyber-security and fire safety, among others. Participants included representatives from national companies, national security bodies and fire-fighters.

The event was well atended, with 250 registered attendees, and the talks have led to very interesting debates on topics including the new challenges for the industry, such as cyber-security and the implementation of the NIS Directive.



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