Award to Best Environmental Management


TEPSA Valencia’s terminal receives the award to the Best Environmental Management granted by the Valenciaport Foundation.
The last 15th October, the Valencia’s Port Authority celebrated its “Awards Valenciaport Foundation” V edition. These awards recognize all those companies that carry out the best practices in quality, environmental management, technological innovation, formation and investigation.

Mr. Javier Ares, Valencia’s terminal’s Manager, who was accompanied by Mr. Josep Forés, Technical Director and Mr. Arturo Ricarte, Security, Health, Environment and Quality’s Manager, received the prize.

The act was celebrated in the Valencia Port Authority’s assembly hall and was presided over by the President, Mr. Rafael Aznar and the Valencia Port’s Director, Mr. Ramón Gómez Ferrer; the Valencian Shipping Association’s Manager, Mr. Antonio Crespo; the Forwarding Agents Association’s President, Mr. Luis Rosas, and the Customs Agent Association’s President, Mr. Javier Cobo, who were all of them members of the jury as well.



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