TEPSA Barcelona, terminal of the year 2014


TEPSA´s Barcelona terminal has won the Terminal of the Year award given by TankBank, a networking advisory and conferencing group.

Every year the TankBank Group holds two networking events, one in Europe and the other in Asia, in order to bring together companies and professionals that work in the chemical and oil bulk liquid business. The aim of the TankBank Group is to create a community where professionals who work in the sector of bulk liquid logistics and trading have the chance to share experiences, participate in consultancy and advisory sessions and network, thereby opening doors to new business opportunities.

This year the TankBank Group held its European event, T12, in London. The event included a series of conferences which focused on discussing the future of bulk liquid logistics, and also presented the services of the most outstanding ports in the chemical sector. The event included talks from speakers from the ports of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Ghent and Tarragona.

The day culminated in the awarding of several awards to operators, surveyors, and terminals as well as to individuals who had distinguished themselves in their work. The winners were chosen by popular vote by those who work in the sector, who voted through the TankChat platform that the Group has set up as a specialist social network.

TEPSA Barcelona won the Terminal of the Year award in recognition of the fact that the company is celebrating its 50th corporate anniversary this year, and for the versatility of its facilities.



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