TEPSA plans new extensions


TEPSA plans new expansions in Tarragona and Valencia’s terminals by 7.700m³ and 114,000m³ respectively.

The Company will invest approximately 3,5 million Euros in the construction of two new duplex stainless steel tanks in Tarragona. The tanks will have a capacity of 3.850m³ each and are designed in agreement with the API-650 regulations. All the auxiliary facilities will be also constructed in stainless steel.

With this extension the terminal will reach a total capacity of 56,000m³ capable of storing chemicals, fertilizers and biofuels, among others.

On the other hand, TEPSA has planned the construction of two new plants in Valencia. One of them will be for light petroleum products and will have a storage capacity of 62.000m³. The other plant, with a storage capacity of 53.000m³, will be for chemical agents and biofuels. TEPSA is also studying the possibility of allocating part of the area to heavy petroleum products like fuels.

The new plants will have advanced loading/unloading systems and they will fulfil high levels of security and environmental treatment. The new facilities will be available in summer of 2011 with an investment of 17 million Euros.

After the recent expansion of Bilbao terminal and the above-mentioned projects, TEPSA will exceed approximately 850,000m³ of storage capacity on the Iberian Peninsula.



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