Safety test to drivers


All terminals are fitted with touch screens to read the information and then to pass the safety test which is available in a lot of languages.

From October 1st 2010, TEPSA starts up a training program to evaluate the basic information in relation to health and safety standards and increase the safety actions in their plants. The aim is to guarantee the health and safety of all people who operate in the facilities.

This training program includes an information video film and the completion of an evaluation test to ensure that all drivers are fully aware of and understand the basic regulations and standards governing all product loading and unloading operations, as well as the corresponding safety standards applicable to emergencies.

We al TEPSA are confident that this initiative will ensure a safe environment and performance for all of us.

From January 1st 2011 only drivers who have passes said test will be allowed access to the terminal. This certification will expire in four years. Drivers who have not passes the test will be redirected to pass it before entering.



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